Buildings in Throne Rush

Throne Rush Hack tool can be of great help for better and faster construction of buildings in this wonderful game. There are several types of buildings in Throne Rush. We can roughly divide them into several categories, based on their primary function in game. They are usually built with gold, but there are some exceptions.

Resource buildings

Resource buildings sole purpose is to collect precious resources and store them until player can spend them for further construction, upgrading or troops training. Gold is first resource covered with our Throne Rush Hack. Gold serves primarily for construction of other buildings, although it is also important for upgrades. It is extracted from Gold mine, while treasury serves as gold storage. The maximum possible level of gold mine and treasury is the same as the level of your castle, whole maximum number depends on the structure, but as a rule of thumb you will get additional gold mine per two levels of Castle, and additional treasury per three levels of castle. Windmills are buildings where bread is produced. Bread (or food as players call it) is second important resource which Throne Rush Hack can help with. It is used primarily for buying Throne rush troops, but can also be used for other features in game. Bread is produced in Windmills and stored in Barns. Production rate, maximum number per settlement and maximum capacity of Windmills and Barns follows the same rules as Gold mines and Treasuries.

Military buildings

Second type of buildings is so called military buildings, connected with the recruitment and upgrade of your army. Barracks are basic military buildings for recruiting troops. Their maximum level follows the level of your Castle (more or less) and maximum number is 2 or 3 during most of the game (1 barrack only at level 1 and 4 barracks only at level 11 of your Castle). Upgrading Barracks is really important as it allows you access to new, stronger troops. Troops can receive additional training and strengthen their abilities in Forge. Forge should also be regularly upgraded in order to gain new upgrading features for your troops. Again, Throne Rush Hack tool is of great help here. Another important building is Headquarters which influence maximum size of your army. Of course, level of headquarters closely follows Castle level while maximum number of them is only 2. Beside your standard troops in throne rush, you can also recruit powerful heroes which can solo take on entire armies. They are recruited in Tavern, which can be built once you upgrade your Castle to level 2. Tavern itself doesn’t need any further upgrades, and one tavern is enough to recruit all heroes. Last building connected to military aspect of the game is Alchemy lab, where you can research powerful spells which can be used during combat. You can have only one Alchemy lab in town, and it can be upgraded only once (when doing so you will get access to second spell, currently there are two spells available in game).

Castle and other buildings

Castle is your main and central building. If you lose Castle during combat, you automatically lose whole battle, no matter how many other buildings or troops you have left. The same goes for attacking your opponent, so protecting your Castle is one of the most important things in Throne Rush. Castle can be leveled up all the way to level 11. Leveling up your Castle is of outmost importance since all other buildings have Castle level as prerequisite for further upgrading, or adding another building of same type. Leveling your Castle also opens up additional Heroes to be recruited. Unfortunately, upgrading Castle is one of the longest tasks in the game, taking literally days on higher levels. Throne Rush Hack tool can be of great help in that case and save you hundreds of Gems (which are the only way for instant upgrading) with latest added option “Fast building” which will be explained in later text. Another building in this group is House of Brotherhood. As tavern, this buildings becomes available after you upgrade Castle (in this case to level 4), and needs no further upgrades. Having House of Brotherhood allows you to join or create your own Brotherhood by clicking on this building and selecting Brotherhoods in the menu. You can then choose from list of available Brotherhoods or create your own for 40000 Gold. Last building in this group is Hall of Fame, which opens Achievements feature in Throne Rush when built. As said before, Throne Rush Hack tool is essential for fast construction and upgrading of your buildings and making high level town in very short time.

How to use Throne Rush Hack for faster building

Obviously, there are several ways in which Throne Rush Hack tool can help you in faster construction of your town. Throne Rush Hack tool can add desired amount of bread and gold to your gaming account. Important things to notice in this case is that adding food or gold with Throne Rush Hack tool will not grant you more food or gold than your maximum capacity is at that moment. While is easy to make Throne Rush Hack tool which would add infinite amounts of food, gold and gems, we found out that exceeding the maximum resource capacity can create glitch in game which can sometimes bug the whole game and would require reporting to game moderators in order to debug it. Of course, upon closer inspection anyone can notice that game has been hacked, and that is the problem we would like to avoid at any cost. That is why we made Throne Rush Hack tool so that even though you can add any amount of Food or Gold, when you login to the game you will find your treasury and barn filled up to the max, but not beyond it. Another important feature in Throne Rush Hack tool is “Fast building” option which will unlock instant construction or upgrade of any building without any additional Gem cost!

Throne Rush Hack Tool Download Instructions

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